Finger licking fish curry and rice in Velankanni

Seafood at Hotel VPN Residency Velankanni

To directly hit a good restaurant which serves good food, you got to be familiar with the location or you should know somebody who can guide you. This will help if you are new to the place? Thanks to our driver, we dropped into “Hotel VPN Residency” for our lunch and it was really worth it. Hotel VPN residency in Velankanni is good for seafood!

So what makes this hotel special for me?

Good food, nothing else. It’s a big one with enough space for parking as well. We ordered squid rings, King fish fry, white rice and fish curry. First came the squid fry.

Squid rings fry

Squid Rings Fry
Squid Rings Fry - VPN Residency, Velankanni
The deep fried squid rings were served with onions was a delight to see. It tasted equally good and was too soft in the mouth. A must try here

Kingfish Fry / Vanjiram (Tamil)

King Fish Fry
Kingfish Fry or Vanjiram Fry - Hotel VPN, Velankanni
In the local language Kingfish is known as Vanjiram or Neimeen (Tamil). This plate of Kingfish fry (shallow fry) was served in the same way as the squid rings above. Somehow, the Vanjiram fry did not satisfy me.

Fish Curry and White Rice

Fish Curry and Rice
Fish Curry & White Rice,  Hotel VPN, Velankanni
I would recommend all to try the fish curry and white rice here. It is just amazing. Perfectly made! In fact, we dropped in here for the fish curry and white rice, we were told this one was awesome here. The above dishes were quite normal.

Nethili Fry (Anchovies)

Nethili Fry (Anchovies)
Nethili Fry (Anchovies Fry)
Like all the other fish fries, the Nethili fry or Anchovies fry (in English) was crispy and yummy too. This one was deep fried and good in mouth with crispy bones.  


  1. Wow..Great blog post. The food sounds really tasty and yummy. This temple town of Velankanni sees a lot of tourists on daily basis indicating that hotels in Velankanni are always brimming with business.


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