India cannot be child labor free

Under aged labors in Metros

Child Labor India
Child Labor India
Yes, India cannot be child labor free, at least for another century. Child labors are more in urban areas than rural. The government is spending money and time to counsel the rural parents so that they can send their children to school. But the children have migrated to the metros to support their family. What is the government doing in the metros?

Healthy living in metros is dream for most of the middle class, think about these children. They work in the garages, restaurants, petty shops etc where they are paid very less and pressurized for more work.

Children working at service station, India
What are the NGOs in the city limits doing? They are only in the media – News Papers and TV. If any government organization, NGOs or any Trust working against child labor, can they do a surprise visit frequently and help stop Child Labor? 

I Pledge

I pledge that I will not appoint child labors in my home, I will not entertain child labors from my service providers and I will do whatever I can to discourage child labors.