Kalasarpa Dosha Pariharam

Did your astrologer tell you that you have Kalasarpa Dosha and that you have to do a pariharam? Nothing to worry, there are many temples in India where experienced temple priest make you perform Kalasarpa Dosha pariharam.
Kalasarpa Dosha
Paampuranathar temple, Tamil Nadu - Feb 2015 

The noted temples for performing Kalasarpa Dosha pariharam in south India is the Kalahasti temple near Tirupathi and the Kukke Subramanya in Karnataka. There’s one more temple in Tamil Nadu, in Thirupampuram, known as “Paampuranathar Temple” dedicated to Lord Siva. There’s also a separate temple dedicated to Lord Sani (Pongu Sani) and is quite powerful. Snakes are common in this temple but are never visible to the temple visitors. You may be interested to read about Kaal Sarp Wikipedia article.

It doesn’t cost much  to perform the Kalasarpa Dosha in these temples but you may end up spending more in travel and accommodation (if you are coming from faraway places). 

Understand Kalasarpa Dosha

Kalasarpa Dosha is quite a big subject and there are many sources for you to read and understand the concept. In short, it is the basis of astronomical arrangements of Rahu and Ketu during one’s birth. Not everybody is inflicted with this Dosha and not everybody is seriously affected by it. But yes, Kalasarpa Dosha’s negative impacts on one’s life may be very severe. One may one are all the problems like bad financial situation, being jobless, not getting married, health issues, and many more.

Internet, Wikipedia and Google throws hell lot of information about Kalasarpa Dosha, good to read and understand. I would suggest that an experienced astrologer should be consulted to deal with these kinds of issues. However, the fake astrologers may misguide you.  

A genuine astrologer will know if you are afflicted with Kalasarpa Dosha and also the nearest temple where one can perform required rituals. 

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