Pongal is the best breakfast

Pongal tastes good everywhere

Where do you get the best Pongal? Of course, it is in Tamil Nadu. Famous restaurants like the Saravana Bavan and Adyar Ananda Bavan are spread across the state; you can drop in any of these restaurants for the best of breakfast. So what’s the big deal, these restaurants are spread outside the state and also abroad. Why should one go to Tamil Nadu?

Pongal Vada - Vasanta Bavan, Tanjore, Feb 2015

The chicken burgers may taste same in all the branches of McDonalds but that is not the case when it comes to verities of authentic south Indian dishes, especially the Pongal.  You got to be in Karnataka for that tasty Mysore Masala Dosa and in Tamil Nadu for that authentic Pongal.

Pongal Combo - Hotel Akshardham, Vaideeshwaran, Feb 2015

In my experience, I have never come across a Pongal which did not taste good though the preparation methods and taste varies from house to house and restaurants to hotels (in Tamil Nadu). Yet I would prefer Pongal from the original Saravana Bavan restaurant if given a choice. 

The above two photographs were captured in two different restaurants. The first one in this blog was in a Vasant Bavan, Tanjore, and the second one in Akshardham Hotel near Vaideeshwaran.