Golden Retrievers in Cubbon Park

White and Brown Golden Retrievers in Cubbon Park

Here’s some photographers of Golden Retrievers. All photographs were captured in Cubbon Park, Bengaluru. 

Brown Golden Retriever
Brown Golden Retriever coming out of the bush

Sunday’s are the best time to be in Cubbon Park. You can witness many breeds of dogs. 

Golden Retrievers

People seemed to be not scared about the dogs here. They are so used to it and same with the dogs. 

Golden Retrievers are known to be intelligent, caring and pleasing dogs
Dogs are considered to be the man's best friend. But the Golden Retrievers can be considered as the man's best of best friend. They are known to be loving, caring and pleasing dogs. 

White and Brown Golden Retrievers
The Golden Retrievers obey the masters, they are easy to be trained
Dogs can be trained to be polite, ferocious when required and obey the master. The Golden Retrievers are easy to train (requires less effort), and they become the best of dogs. 

Golden Retriever with the master

Golden Retrievers love to eat, they are foodie. They love to please, and they know when to attack.