Idli Vada in Bengaluru

Idli Vada at Shree Sagar Restaurant

Where do you get the best Idli Vada? You can comment down in this post about your favorite place where you will opt for idli vada. For me, and as far as I know, Bengaluru and Mysuru are the two places where you get the best idli vada & sambar. Of course there will be slight variations in taste and may be in the preparation method.

Idli Vada
Idli Vada Sambar - Shree Sagar Restaurant, Kammanahalli, Bangalore

Idli is basically a south Indian dish; you can order one in almost all the restaurants (which serves Indian breakfast) in south India. Idli vada and sambar are light in your stomach and makes a deadly combination. Idli’s are made in rice batter and vada in urudh dal but the taste changes from restaurant to restaurant and place to place. What is your take on it?

The idli vada image in this post was captured in Shree Sagar Restaurant, Kammanahalli, Bengaluru. The Idly gallery is now open!

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